Legacy of the Ancients (C64) Galactic Museum Map

May 25 filed in C64, Retro Gaming, RPG

I began to replay Electronic Arts’ beautiful and easily enjoyable RPG Legacy of the Ancients for the third time in my life today. I’ve played it all the way through twice before, once when I was in my teens (when the game was new) and once in my late twenties. The game is now over 25 years old and ready for its third play, obviously. I play my C64 games on original hardware, not emulators. I’m a patient person.

I drew this map of the interior of the Galactic Museum by hand for reference. I created a simple legend to help remember which portals were where.

Part of the gratification of these old games, in my opinion, is going through the paces of creating an accurate map. But if you’re impatient and want to get on with it, you may find this useful.


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