The Art Museums’ Rough Frame EP nails it

March 22 filed in music

I’m enjoying a very intriguing new EP titled “Rough Frame” by the Bay Area’s own The Art Museums, via local SF label Woodsist.

new EP by The Art MuseumsThis album was apparently recorded on a Tascam 388 reel-to-reel multi-track tape recorder and mixer combo (state of the art home-recording back in the mid-80s).  The result is a thick and lush atmosphere that anyone having grown up with a monophonic sound system will fully appreciate.

The nine supplied tracks are simultaneously fresh and nostalgic, packaged nicely within the tape-hissing 8-track cassette atmospherics.  Not sure why, but it shares echoes from the mono version of Pet Sounds (and Brian Eno?), with the lonely heartbreak crooning being replaced by hipster satire at its most contemporary.

Go grab the set at Amazon’s MP3 store, or check it out on Lala.

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