Case closed: the Moonraker SEIKO A158 (not A159)

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Immediately following my previous post concerning the lack of proof tying the SEIKO A159 to the James Bond movie franchise, I received what appears to be the final word on the matter.

For the last week, I have been in close contact with Dell Deaton, owner and author of, to verify my assertion that the A159 was never associated with 007 in either movie or promotional form. Mr. Deaton was kind enough to scan and share what he believes to be the root source of the confusion – a Moonraker promotional advertisement featuring two SEIKO watches in conjunction with the 1979 film, starring Roger Moore.

The SEIKO A158 Moonraker promotional advertisement

In the image above, what you see are portions of the original advertisement, which clearly show the SEIKO A158-5030 T on the left (not the A159) and distant cousin A259-5010 T on the right. Obviously, the two watches are very, very similar in appearance and function to the A159. In particular, the A158 is a near match.

I would consider the A158 a blood relative of the A159 – nearly an identical twin – which is obviously the basis for so much confusion and, frankly, misinformation. The differences are subtle, yet they are there for all to see. Check out my earlier posts (1, 2) of the A159 to inspect the physical differences for yourself.

SEIKO A158 smoking gun

Let the record show that the A158 is indeed a “Bond watch,” albeit in a very tenuous fashion, and really only as directed from the SEIKO marketing department. Neither the A158 nor A259 ever made it into the Moonraker movie, yet were in one single marketing promotion prior to the film’s release. The similarly designed A159 was never in anything 007 related.

Case closed.

Oh, and if you get the chance, you might check out Mr. Deaton’s “Bond Watches, James Bond Watches” exhibit running from June 2010 through May 2011 at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania, or his well-researched site.


  • sajjad

    November 1 2:24 am


    I have same SEIKO A150, with running condition

    I want to sell.

  • eric

    November 1 9:49 am

    Hi Sajjad,

    You should take a couple pictures of it and put it on That’s the best place to sell it, in my opinion. If the watch is in near-mint or NOS condition, you could get a decent amount for it (probably more than it originally sold for back in the late-70s).

    If you have the old box or manual, even better.

    If it is pretty banged up, someone will likely still buy it (just not for very much). If you do sell it, shoot me the link. Would love to see it.

  • eric

    November 1 9:27 pm

    Eric the seiko on The spy who love me ad is an a159-4019g

  • jeff

    November 1 7:55 am

    Just read the article. I remember the sun newspaper in the UK running a competition to win the Spy who loved me watch in June 1977, which they said was the FB001. As we now know the actual watch in the film was the earlier calander LCD seiko.
    I actually got a silver FB003 for chtistmas that year as all the FB 001s had sold out !!
    Great watch…gave it to my brother years ago doubt he’s still got it !


  • jeff

    November 1 11:37 am

    Had a look in some old seiko brochures from 1979 and the watch on the left of the moonraker poster is ironically model number FW 007 and retailed in the UK at £115. Also found some old info re FB001 which was launched just as the spy who loved me was released and was the first of this style of alarm chronographs

  • John

    November 1 11:08 am

    I just listed a SEIKO A158-5030 T on eBay… thanks for clarifying.

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