Update: Seiko A159 not a James Bond watch, ever

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I recently blogged about the Seiko A159 digital watch and its dubious ties to the James Bond movie franchise.

As I previously pointed out,

“According to one source, the watch was used in some promotional marketing materials to introduce the new relationship between Seiko and the 007 brand prior to the 1977 release of “The Spy Who Loved Me.”  I have not been able to verify this, but it is an interesting anecdote, if true.  If anyone has any of these materials, I would love to see them.  Nevertheless, it was never in the movie, nor any other Bond film.”

After much digging and a little luck, I’ve been able to locate what appears to be the shred of “proof” some use to link the watch to 007.

The marketing material in question is a movie poster which shows two Seiko watches in conjunction with Bob Peak’s iconic 007 painting (incidentally, Peak’s original artwork is available to anyone with an extra $130,000 to spare).


I have obtained a high-res version of the promo poster, and can report that the watch on the left is labeled in tiny text, “FB001 (£145)” and the watch on the right is labeled “DW001 (£128),” which I have called out in the image above. From what I can tell, the watch on the right is similar to the 2-button Seiko 0674, but it isn’t an exact match (the 0674 did make it into the movie). The watch on the left is similar to the A159, but it isn’t an exact match, either.

In the image above, I’ve placed my own A159 next to the rendering of the watch on the left in the poster to demonstrate, I think once and for all, that these are not the same watches.

My theory: the Seiko watches seen in the 007 promotional poster were renderings of future watches, possibly the A159 and 0674, which changed design treatments prior to production. The model numbers do not match, and the design details are obviously different. There are broad similarities, but that is it.

If anyone has evidence to refute or corroborate my evidence, I would welcome it. Until then, I believe I have proven with near certainty that the Seiko A159 is not, and never has been, related to James Bond in any way.


  • Tom Stanley

    October 31 10:45 am

    I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley

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  • eric

    October 31 12:02 pm

    Thanks, Tom. I’ve added a little additional information here. Cheers!

  • eric

    October 31 2:33 pm

    Update: I’ve discovered yet more information about a very rare A159 model that could completely prove this article wrong. More info coming soon.

  • eric

    October 31 6:24 am

    I dunno when this post was made or where you are in the A159/Bond discovery process, but I think I have the missing link, a model called the A159-4013 T. I can supply photos if you’re interested. Actually, it’s the number on the lower left of the face, so maybe a case number; I’m not up on Seiko designations properly.

  • Pat

    October 31 2:21 pm

    Watch on the left (on the poster) : A159-4019-G
    Watch on the right (on the poster): M159-5028
    Info can all be found here: http://www.digitalwatchlibrary.com

  • Jonas

    October 31 3:38 am

    (posted on the wrong post originally)
    As you are surely aware, there is not one “A159”, but a multitude, differing in style/color scheme and the case shape. As said before, the A159-4019 is the one in the ad for “The spy who loved me”. Yours is most likely a A159-4039, so that’s why the face is different. The heart is the same, though.

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