CES 2008: Sony to unveil robot that plays Guitar Hero

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LAS VEGAS – At CES this year (January 7-10) Sony will release to the world a new robot that can rip chords on Guitar Hero better than most human counterparts.

The gadget-hungry attendees will stop what they are doing when the lonely robot hits his first solo. As if awakening from a dream, everyone will slowly turn towards the Sony robot, sadly named iLame, and instinctually begin to move towards the incredible sound hearkening to a primordial beat not unlike the original biorhythms of all humankind.

Free bags of crappy useless swag will hit the floor as heads begin to thrash and fists pump to the throbbing guitar melody.

A mosh pit will grow in the exhibit area as iLone body surfs the crowd with his bluetooth guitar, electric smoke billowing from his nearly invisible fingers. Some of the swag will be lit into small bonfires, along with an old event poster of Chaka Khan – a ring of fire growing from where her face used to be.

Then, you’ll blink and look around to the blind noise of last ditch sales pitch efforts . You’ll be surrounded by balding dudes fighting over free paper bags that are covered in logos (with handles!) wondering when they should shuffle next door to the porn conference. God bless the mini-bar.

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