Color palette generator, on acid

October 10 filed in art, design, innovation, web apps

There are quite a few Web apps out there that generate color palettes from photos. Yes, I know.

But I ran across one today that not only works well, but actually looks fairly slick, too. I’m talking, of course, about Color Hunter. Now, if you really want to have some fun, go hunt down the image locations from one of your favorite artists. I chose the brilliant Jeff Soto, from So-Cal.

The nice thing about this update of Color Hunter is that you can now upload images and not simply have to rely on pointing to an image that is online somewhere.

Here’s how my experiment turned out after uploading a JPG into the app:

Color Hunter test

Now, obviously this is pretty cool and fairly handy if you’re feeling a little lazy. And, it is obviously very Web centric as you can see the HEX values under each swatch, but that’s OK.

What I’d like to see, however, are more swatches. Or, possibly some sort of input that would allow for more custom swatch amounts. You’ll notice that there are no blues represented in my test (other than the really dark blue gray). But, it is still pretty cool nevertheless.

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