intric8 is the moniker & freelance umbrella for designer & product manager Eric Hill, based in Seattle (previously San Francisco). Browse samples of my work below.


Companies: Sporcle, AFAR Media, IDG's The Industry Standard & InfoWorld, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Studio Interactive, 7th Level, Micrografx

Clients:, Absolut, Holland, GMC Daimler Chrysler, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Sun Microsystems, KnightRidder, Palm, NetApp, The Hartford, McDonalds, Broadband Sports, Palm and more.

AFAR Media - "The Product & Design Guy" for AFAR Connect ( This site is currently in beta and is rapidly iterating as we fold qualitative and quantitative user data back into the design and functionality.

The Industry Standard - identity and brand design & re-launch; all front-end UI/UX strategy, design and implementation; UI/Dev product and project management. (client) - Performed exploratory design work on a contract basis for's home and directory pages.

InfoWorld - Led InfoWorld UI through multiple re-designs and launches, all front-end design and implementation, video production and support

Studio Interactive / a division of PricewaterhouseCoopers - a series of older mockups for clients, from back in the day


Radium - Designed the look and feel for an FX-driven 30 second TV spot featuring the GMC Denali. Boards based off of 1-page recommendations supplied by the ad agency. The director heavily leveraged the boards in the final production.

Thesis - Drag me back to Army of Darkness. Animated short featuring 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, animation, 2D & 3D compositing and sound editing, titled Evil Dead 3 1/3.


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A Brief History of [my] Time

I've been a professional designer and online product manager for over thirteen years. In the 90's, I was the second full-time employee at Studio Interactive in Dallas, Texas. Studio Interactive was acquired by PricewaterhouseCoopers' consulting division in late 1999.

A year later I moved to San Francisco just as the bubble (or boom) was popping in dramatic fashion. By 2002, I left consulting and entered the global publishing world at IDG in a Web design capacity. I won two Folio Awards for design for my work on "Gold award for best online site design in the B-to-B category and a platinum or best site design from among consumer, B-to-B, and association/non-profit/custom award winners."

A few years ago I helped bring back The Industry Standard from the ashes (for a little while) in an online-only format on a shoestring budget. It was a fun, wild and crazy ride while it lasted. In that instance, we built a community-based prediction market that used a virtual currency to predict the news. The accuracy of our market was over 95%.

I then was pulled into AFAR Connect, a travel startup in the social Q&A space. When I first arrived, the site wasn't even conceptualized. Talk about ivory tower - this opportunity was a complete blank slate. I strategized with the executive leaders and eventually helped build and design what AFAR connect is today - a Q&A community that connects like-minded passionate travelers to share unique travel advice. I was the product manager and lead designer and helped bring the brand and vision to life.

Very recently I've moved from the Bay Area to the Emerald City, Seattle, where I'm now the UX Designer for Sporcle, the world's largest independently owned trivia brand. Sporcle is a web site, a mobile/tablet application suite and a community that provides fun and addictive quizzes across a wide range of interests.

I now have the extreme honor and pleasure of rebuilding our site and iOS apps from the UI/UX perspective. I'm constantly learning and stretching my skills in new and exciting directions, and I'm having more fun in my career now than ever before. Oh, and we're profitable and growing!


My intermittent blogging can be found here.

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